Dear Golfing & Business Friends;

It is my pleasure to invite you to join me as a sponsor at the Hip Hop Celebrity Golf Challenge Weekend that will be held on
the weekend of Friday, October 12, 13, 14 of 2007 at the beautiful and luxurious Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort
and The Stone Mountain Golf Club in Stone Mountain, Georgia. This Challenge Weekend will provide an opportunity to
introduce the “mainstream” hip-hop culture to the conservative sport of golf. We are bringing together two of today’s hottest
genres in what will become a trendsetter for the future of both.

The Hip Hop culture, with out doubts, drives our economy. According to Alloy Access, a division of Alloy Media + Marketing
(NASDAQ: ALOY), “The Urban Hustler consumer segment comprises just over one-fifth (21%) of consumers between the
ages of 12-34. Adding to that hefty percentage, these consumers are responsible for a whopping $90 Billion in annual
discretionary spend across critical consumer categories including entertainment, technology, and fashion – that’s nearly
one-third of all discretionary spending across this age group.” The game of golf has been the cornerstone of the elitists for
well over a century and has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Hip Hop Celebrity Golf was formed and exists with a mission to enhance the representation of the Hip Hop community
through celebrity golfers into the golfing industry. In our efforts to unite and educate golfers towards strong personal
development and relationships through the game of golf, we have developed a network of prominent celebrities,
businesses and professionals who support our mission. We welcome your sponsorship donations and team participation to
support this laudable and moving historic national event. This Hip Hop Celebrity Golf Challenge Weekend will provide for an
exciting three days of golf, fun at the beach, outdoor concerts (Hip Hop & Hip Hop Gospel), silent auctions, parties after
dark, displays, club VIP parties, and boat cruises with casino action. Your participation in this event will include a host of
amenities including golf, VIP parties and functions, award dinner, etc. Corporate “goody-bag” items and in-kind services are
also requested. The EVENT sponsors will present the HHCGC weekend.

Your bounteousness will enhance our efforts and will provide valuable mentions for your company, corporate identification,
hole signage, and participation by your representative in a captive audience of influential persons. Furthermore,
sponsoring the event or a portion of the weekend will provide an opportunity to interact with industry leaders, golf
enthusiasts, corporate vendors, and more important, the highly influenced buying consumers, the Hip Hoppers. I look
forward to hearing from you regarding this trend-setting opportunity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
call me. Please refer to the website ( for detailed sponsors entitlements. All correspondences and
donations (checks made payable to HHCGC) should be mailed to: 2344 Omaha Road SW, #103, Atlanta, GA 30331 Thank
you for your consideration—I will see you on October 12, 13, 14 of 2007!

S. E. Day
Marketing & Sponsor Relations
Hip Hop Celebrity Golf, LLC  
OCTOBER 12, 13, 14  2007
OCTOBER 12, 13, 14  2007