is the new face of golf. We will chronicle and
encourage the continued expansion of this great
sport to ALL cultures, genders and ages.  Golf is
no longer just your fathers game but a game
all.  From the diverse faces you now see playing
golf to the vibrant golf attire seen on the course,
golf is

Golf will continue to touch the lives of a new
multicultural generation and pass along its values
of etiquette, honesty and sportsmanship.  
GOLFOREVERYONE will do whatever we can to
help in this effort.

Through our three brands, we hope to encourage
and inspire a new generation of golfers with
information and products that speak to them.

Please bookmark this site and use it to get the
latest information and purchase merchandise.  
Also, please come through our site to book tee
times, lessons and link to various sponsors, as a
portion of the proceeds received will go to local
golf programs and charities around the country.

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like to join the
please contact us at the e-mail address below.

Brad Johnson